We know how to build on top of a good foundation.

And we know what it takes to exceed your expectations.

Through our work on various projects we’ve learned what is required to implement a digital workplace that actually improves how you work.

But this can’t be achieved by relying on outdated or legacy technologies, which is why we keep ourselves up to date on the latest to ensure that knowledge is passed down to your solution.

We also know that your employees demand the best experience they can get. Coming to work and hopping online should be as easy as using Facebook, YouTube, or Apple products.

This is why we’ve chosen Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint as our base. These products have been substantially improved in recent years and are pretty good out-of-the-box.

But they lack that unifying factor that makes a digital workplace!

We aggregate and combine key functionalities provided by Microsoft into a more usable, streamlined, and AWESOME experience. We don’t believe in silos; and we don’t think your digital workplace should be a bunch of siloed experiences. These functionalities need to all work together for your employees.

We lay cutting-edge web technologies upon Microsoft’s native platform and add in a generous helping of great user experience to create a modern enterprise solution that feels like what you use at home.

And to top it all off, we let you choose: do you want a custom solution that fits your shoes or a standard solution that is ready quickly? Either way, we know you’ll be smiling .