Times have changed!

There is no reason to settle for a sub-par digital workplace.

How things are

Traditional Intranet Challenges

Insecure environment and risk of possible threats

Legacy solutions built in-house may not be kept up-to-date to protect against the latest attack vectors.

High in-house infrastructure maintenance costs

Unless IT is your core competency, these expenses can be better used elsewhere.

Poor user experience and user interface design

A poor user experience leads to frustrated users and low usage.

Inefficient processes to publish content

Without proper approvals and workflows in place, content publishing cannot be controlled.

Complex hierarchical navigation structures

With multiple levels of navigation, it is easy for key content to get lost.

Poor ability to search for information or content

If users can’t find what they are looking for, they will abandon the platform.

Limited collaboration and social capabilities

Humans are social creatures and work better together; without these capabilities, your intranet won’t add much value to their daily work-lives.

Fractured and scattered intranet landscape

Without a consistent look and feel or technology landscape, users will get confused going from system to system.

No mobile device support

If employees can’t access on mobile, they will be less productive on-the-go.

Lacking data for decision-making

That which isn’t measured can’t be improved; without usage on data, your teams won’t be able to make key decisions.

Most traditional Intranets are not suited to support a modern digital workplace

Where you can get to

Modern, engaging, and usable design and user experience

Get your employees smiling again by giving them something that is as easy to use as Facebook.

Simple content organization and structure

With a clean and scalable structure, content is easy to find and clearly organized.

Fully searchable and easy to find information

Find whatever you need in record time; nothing will be lost with our enterprise search.

Social and collaborative

Solve challenges together and broadcast messages to the entire company; we’re sure your employees will appreciate being able to socialize with others across the globe.

Unifying platform for the entire company

Bring together all your employees with a central intranet solution that unifies the company and keeps users up-to-date.

Usable on all your employees’ devices

Easy to use wherever you or your employees are.

Built upon a secure and proven platform (Office 365)

Microsoft’s platforms have many security certifications and have been constantly improving in the marketplace for years.

In-depth usage and engagement analytics

Gather data about employee usage and engagement to help guide your next campaign or feature enhancement.

Modern Intranets are a key enabler of the digital workplace and connected enterprise