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The AI-Driven Employee Experience Platform by QueryNow

AI Digital Workplace

Elevate Your Workplace to New Heights

In the evolving landscape of enterprise technology, the integration of artificial intelligence into the workplace is transforming how employees interact with their digital environment. QueryNow introduces a pioneering AI-driven employee experience platform, crafted to meet the dynamic needs of modern enterprises. This platform revolutionizes the digital workspace, offering personalized, efficient, and insightful access to information and tools.

Core Features


AI-Driven Personalization

Leveraging AI to learn from user interactions, the platform tailors the digital environment to individual needs, ensuring a uniquely personalized experience for every user.

Dynamic Content Display

Utilizing advanced AI, the platform adapts content in real-time based on user queries, context, and preferences, making access to information seamless and intuitive.

Seamless Integration

Effortlessly integrating with your existing systems, databases, and applications, the platform serves as a cohesive digital workspace hub, enhancing productivity without the need for extensive system overhauls.

Man playing virtual reality with Microsoft HoloLens
Revolutionizing the Digital Workplace

This AI-driven employee experience platform stands as a testament to QueryNow's commitment to driving workplace innovation. By understanding and adapting to the unique needs of each user, it not only simplifies access to critical information and tools but also elevates the entire employee experience, fostering a culture of efficiency, satisfaction, and growth.

Dashboard Highlights Upon Entry


Users are welcomed by a dashboard intelligently designed to anticipate and cater to their needs:

Welcome Message

Personalized greetings reflecting the time of day and user’s profile, adding a personal touch to the digital interface.

Quick Access

Direct links to essential tools, applications, and documents, tailored to the user's role, streamlining workflows and enhancing productivity.

Upcoming Activities

Dynamically updated lists of recent documents and projects, alongside a daily agenda to keep users informed and prepared for their day.

Tasks and News Feed

A prioritized digest of tasks and a curated feed of company news, updates, and relevant industry insights, keeping users engaged and informed.

Persona-Specific Interface Adaptations


The platform showcases its versatility through persona-specific queries and adaptive responses:

For Sales Managers, an interactive sales dashboard, opportunity tracker, and team leaderboard motivate and provide critical data at a glance.
Engineers find a comprehensive overview of development projects, resource allocations, and a collaboration hub to foster innovation and teamwork.
HR Managers receive updates on employment policies, HR workflows, and compliance checklists, ensuring smooth departmental operations.
Sales Representatives inquiring about vacation policies are presented with a clear overview of leave policies, application procedures, and an OOO assistant for efficient leave planning.

Discover the Future of Work


Explore how this AI-driven platform can transform your organization's approach to employee engagement and productivity.

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