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Transforming the Financial Sector with QueryNow


In the dynamic world of finance, technology drives change. At QueryNow, we're at the forefront of this revolution, delivering digital solutions that redefine how financial services operate, connect, and deliver value. Our strategic approach empowers banks, venture capitalists, investors, and fintech startups to navigate the complexities of the financial ecosystem with confidence and agility.

Financial Sector Challenges We Solve:



Legacy System Modernization

Transforming outdated systems into modern, agile platforms is critical for today's businesses. We specialize in upgrading legacy systems to enhance functionality, reduce maintenance costs, and improve integration capabilities.


Data Security and Compliance

With cyber threats on the rise, securing your data and ensuring compliance with global regulations are paramount. Our cybersecurity solutions protect your assets from threats while ensuring you meet industry-specific compliance standards.


Real-time Analytics and Insights

Making informed decisions requires real-time data. Our analytics solutions provide you with actionable insights, leveraging AI and machine learning to analyze data and predict trends.


Cloud Migration and Management

Navigating the transition to cloud-based solutions can be daunting. We offer comprehensive cloud migration services and ongoing management, ensuring a seamless shift to the cloud with minimal downtime and optimized cloud expenditures.


Process Automation

Automating repetitive, manual IT processes frees up valuable resources and reduces human error. We leverage tools like PowerApps to automate business processes, enhancing efficiency and productivity across your operations.

Stock Exchange
Introducing Digital Vault: Your Premier Digital Asset Management Solution

Digital Vault, QueryNow's flagship digital asset management product, revolutionizes how your business stores, organizes, and retrieves digital content. Designed for efficiency, security, and simplicity, Digital Vault ensures your digital assets are always at your fingertips, ready to drive your business forward.

Our Services and Solutions for Financial Sector


Cloud Financial Infrastructure

Adopt cloud solutions for scalable, resilient financial operations, facilitating growth and agile responses to market demands.

Business Applications

Automate and optimize financial processes with AI, boosting efficiency while reducing errors and operational costs.

Data & AI

Leverage analytics to turn data into strategic insights, driving smarter decisions and enhancing financial products and services.

Fintech Development & Integration

Innovate and scale with custom fintech solutions, from platform enhancements to launching new services.

Security & Compliance

Stay ahead of regulations with solutions designed for financial compliance and risk mitigation, ensuring secure, trustworthy operations.

Managed Services

Let us manage your tech, so you can focus on helping your customers.

Digital Transformation

Streamline your finance operations and customer experiences with our expert consulting, guiding your digital journey every step of the way.

“Our collaboration with QueryNow to create Floww has revolutionized how private market funding operates, showcasing the power of technology in connecting the financial ecosystem."

Sasha, CTO - Floww

Ready to Transform your Industry?


Embark on a journey with QueryNow. Our comprehensive suite of cloud solutions empowers your business to achieve more, breaking down barriers to innovation and enabling a future of endless possibilities.

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