Digital Workplace Suite


Of course we're talking about Digital Workplaces!

Let's change the way things are and implement real collaborative internal communication in a real modern digital workplace.

Go standard or go customized; the choice is yours. Not sure where to start? We have an established solution that’s a great starting point. Want something more personal? We can help achieve your goals by working side-by-side with your business teams to deliver a corporate intranet or website portal that fits your shoes; yours and no one else's.

Either way, increase the number of happy faces you see every day by unlocking new ways to find information, allowing people to directly connect and collaborate with one another, flattening corporate structures and hierarchies, and ultimately improving workplace productivity for your colleagues.

Start with a Corporate Intranet that delights your employees.



We believe a strong intranet sits on a foundation of 3 main pillars: social, search, and productivity.
We build upon the solid foundation of Office 365 and SharePoint by adding a unified interface on top that adapts to your devices and working habits.
Finally, we add in the following features:

Home page

At-a-glance home page that features the latest corporate news, a social feed, and quick access to business applications and collaboration sites.

Enterprise Search

Finds the people, content, and documents you are looking for, not the ones you aren’t.

News Center

Highlights the latest happenings within your company.

Apps Center

Aggregates all your business applications into one central location.

Workspace Center

Host all your collaboration sites and allow searching and filtering.

People Directory

View your entire organization and their connections.

Yammer Integration

Don’t let Yammer gather dust! Integrate it with all sections of your digital workplace.

Video Portal

Share, discuss, and like videos with colleagues anywhere in the world.

KPI Dashboard

Display a company-wide dashboard of key performance indicators for the business.

Workspace Templates

Add some flair to your existing (SharePoint) collaboration sites.

Intranet Analytics (coming soon)

Measure engagement in your new intranet and digital workplace, and have the data to make smart decisions about future adoption.

Reusable Widgets
(coming soon)

Enhance site functionality with location maps, event calendars, and org charts.

Forms Center
(coming soon)

Bring together all the forms within your company or organization.

And more!



But what good is a digital workplace if you don’t know how the users are using it? Get the facts and stop guessing with our Intranet Analytics component.

Measure engagement in your new intranet and digital workplace, and have the data to make smart decisions about future adoption.

Customize your metrics or start with our standard set, including:

  • User adoption by location
  • News story read rate
  • Management adoption of social features
  • App usage
  • Collaboration site usage
  • Social activity and most active users
  • Search activity and most active search queries
  • And more…

Reusable Widgets

Getting work done within a project, department, or team doesn’t need to be dull. Our widgets enhance your digital workplace by adding functionality to your collaboration sites and making them more visually appealing without burning a hole in your wallet.

With our reusable widgets, enable site users to add frequently-asked-for functionality such as location maps, event calendars, org charts, or even Yammer group feeds to their sites on their own.

Unsure which is right for you? Just contact us for a demo or read more about the differences:
Learn more about our reusable widgets here


Knowledge Management


Knowledge Management isn’t just a buzzword, its two buzzwords! In order to efficiently handle, share, and distribute all your information and resources within the organization, you need the right tools to ensure they are available and accessible.
Our Digital Workplace Suite immediately improves communication and collaboration within your company by making people and content relevant, accessible, and findable.
But there’s much more that can be done! Improve the management of information and people with these add-ons:

  • Digital Bot (coming soon) – Your employees will be getting answers from a machine, but they’ll never know it!
  • Management Forum (coming soon) – Create a direct link between management and employee.
  • Engagement Surveys (coming soon) – Understand the sentiment within the company.
  • Mentor/Mentee Portal (coming soon) – Learn from one another by connecting mentors and mentees within the organization.