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Revolutionizing Manufacturing with QueryNow


Elevate your manufacturing operations to new heights of efficiency and innovation with QueryNow. In today's competitive landscape, embracing digital transformation is not just an option—it's a necessity. Our suite of solutions empowers manufacturers to harness the power of technology, optimizing every aspect of production from the factory floor to the customer's door.

Manufacturing Challenges We Solve:



Streamlining Operations

Implement IoT and AI solutions to monitor, control, and optimize manufacturing processes in real-time, reducing waste and enhancing productivity.


Quality Control Enhancement

Utilize data analytics and machine learning to predict and prevent quality issues, ensuring product excellence.


Worker Safety and Compliance

Deploy IoT sensors and wearable technology to monitor worker safety, while ensuring compliance with industry regulations and standards.


Supply Chain Optimization

Leverage advanced analytics to gain insights into supply chain logistics, improving forecasting, inventory management, and vendor relations.


Process Automation with PowerApps

Create custom applications using Microsoft PowerApps to automate routine tasks, from inventory tracking to order processing, freeing up resources to focus on core manufacturing activities.

Aluminum Supplier
Innovating for the Future of Manufacturing

At the intersection of technology and manufacturing, QueryNow stands as a beacon of innovation, transforming traditional operations into intelligent, agile, and sustainable practices. Explore how our tailored solutions are setting new benchmarks for efficiency, quality, and innovation in the manufacturing industry.

Our Services and Solutions for Manufacturing


Smart Factory

Transform your facilities into smart factories with IoT connectivity, real-time data monitoring, and automated controls.

Business Applications

Streamline operations with applications designed to meet the specific needs of your manufacturing processes.

Data & AI

Employ AI algorithms to analyze vast amounts of data for predictive maintenance, quality control, and operational insights.

Custom Application Development

Custom and modernized applications to meet your specific needs.

Digital Twin Technology

Utilize digital twin models to simulate production processes, optimize workflows, and reduce downtime.

Managed Services

Let us manage your tech, so you can focus on making.

Supply Chain Management Solutions

Enhance supply chain visibility and efficiency with our integrated SCM solutions.

“Our partnership with QueryNow has not only optimized our production lines but also empowered us to exceed our sustainability and efficiency goals. Their expertise in digital transformation has been pivotal to our success."


Ready to Transform your Industry?


Embark on a journey with QueryNow. Our comprehensive suite of cloud solutions empowers your business to achieve more, breaking down barriers to innovation and enabling a future of endless possibilities.

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