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Industry Solutions

At QueryNow, we understand that each industry faces unique challenges and opportunities. Our industry-specific solutions are designed to address these needs with precision and expertise, leveraging the latest in digital technology to drive efficiency, innovation, and growth. From manufacturing to healthcare, and retail to financial services, we bring a deep understanding of industry dynamics to deliver transformative results.

Explore Our Industry Solutions 


Enhance customer experiences and drive sales with our retail solutions. From omnichannel strategies to advanced analytics, we help retailers stay ahead in a competitive market by improving customer engagement and optimizing operations.


Leverage advanced technology to improve efficiency and sustainability in the energy sector. Our solutions include predictive maintenance, smart grid technologies, and energy management systems to help you operate more sustainably and cost-effectively.


Transform patient care and streamline operations with our cutting-edge healthcare solutions. We offer AI-driven diagnostics, secure patient data management, and integrated health systems to support better outcomes and operational efficiency.

Financial Services

Navigate the complexities of the financial sector with our comprehensive solutions for banks, insurance companies, and investment firms. We specialize in data analytics, AI-driven insights, and secure financial transactions to support compliance and drive innovation.


Optimize your operations and enhance product quality with our advanced manufacturing solutions. We use IoT, AI, and automation to streamline processes, improve supply chain efficiency, and drive innovation on the factory floor.


Accelerate your software development and delivery with our comprehensive services for the software industry. We offer cloud-based development environments, DevOps practices, and advanced analytics to help you bring high-quality software to market faster.

“Partnering with QueryNow revolutionized how we approach patient care. Their tailored solutions, especially utilizing PowerApps for process automation, significantly enhanced our operational efficiency and patient satisfaction levels."

Pharma Gaint, Switzerland

Manufacturing Assembly
Ready to Transform Your Industry?

Discover how QueryNow's industry solutions can help you overcome your biggest challenges and achieve your most ambitious goals. Contact us today to learn more about our tailored technology solutions and how we can help you drive innovation and growth in your industry.

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