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Streamline Software Development with QueryNow


Our comprehensive suite of solutions empowers software companies to leverage the latest technologies, optimizing every stage of development from concept to deployment.

Software Development Challenges We Solve:



Agile Transformation

Implement agile methodologies to enhance collaboration, flexibility, and speed in your software development processes, reducing time-to-market.


Code Quality & Security

Utilize advanced static code analysis, automated testing, and security protocols to improve code quality and protect against vulnerabilities.


Scalable Architecture Design

Design and implement scalable, robust software architectures that support growth and adapt to changing requirements.


Cloud Migration & Management

Leverage our expertise in cloud technologies to migrate, manage, and optimize your software applications in the cloud, ensuring scalability and resilience.


DevOps Integration

Adopt DevOps practices to streamline CI/CD pipelines, improve deployment frequency, and foster a culture of continuous improvement.

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Innovating for the Future of Software Development

At the confluence of technology and creativity, QueryNow stands as a beacon of progress, transforming traditional software development practices into agile, efficient, and innovative operations. Explore how our customized solutions are redefining standards of productivity, quality, and innovation in the software industry.

Our Services and Solutions for Software Sector


Cloud-Native Development

Build and deploy scalable applications in cloud environments, utilizing microservices, containers, and serverless architectures.

Custom Software Development

Tailor-made software solutions that meet your specific business needs, from SaaS products to mobile applications.

AI & Machine Learning Integration

Embed AI and machine learning capabilities into your software products for intelligent features and data-driven insights.

Managed Services

Let us manage your tech, so you can focus on helping your customers.

Technology Consulting

Strategic consulting services to navigate technology choices, architecture decisions, and digital transformation initiatives.

Business Applications

Automate and optimize software processes with AI, boosting efficiency while reducing errors and operational costs.

“Our collaboration with QueryNow has revolutionized our software development approach, enabling us to achieve unparalleled levels of efficiency and innovation. Their expertise was instrumental in our success."

George, iTouch Solutions

Ready to Transform your Industry?


Embark on a journey with QueryNow. Our comprehensive suite of cloud solutions empowers your business to achieve more, breaking down barriers to innovation and enabling a future of endless possibilities.

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