We strive to build the right intranet for our clients. And we believe this can only be fully accomplished by focusing on three business-critical areas.


Enable seamless collaboration.

Appropriate Permissions

Enable employees to access the right information according to their area of work and integrate with document management and other business solutions to provide a holistic corporate view based on user roles.

Enterprise Social Network

Allow all employees to communicate and collaborate globally while taking part in a diverse corporate culture.

Relevant Content

Enable personalization of users’ home pages to display dynamic content, apps, and business solutions based on locations or preferences.

Broadcast Communications

Keep employees updated about latest organizational meetings, events, announcements, and news.


Find the right information and people.


Integrate with the corporate directory service and extend it with user-defined tags to find the right people based on various attributes.


Index and find various documents across the organization, all the while ensuring proper access permissions are maintained.


Find other intranet content such as news, social posts, and workspaces, and integrate search results from other external systems.


Ensure proper knowledge management across the organization by making the right information discoverable to the right people.


Increase employee efficiency.


Centralize team and personal tasks in one location to better manage responsibilities company-wide.


Organize business processes into discrete apps that each serve a unique purpose and allow users to choose which ones are visible to them based on relevance.

Business workflows (coming soon)

Automate business processes by leveraging rules and workflow engines, making previously manual processes more efficient and accountable.


Group teams together in workspaces where they share files, tasks, project plans and calendars, allowing much more effective collaboration.


Digitize and centralize forms to improve data integrity, error checking, and consistency across the organization.