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Analytics Suite for SharePoint Intranet and Viva Connect


Empowering Insights into Your Digital Workplace


In the digital age, understanding how your digital workplace tools like SharePoint Intranet and Yammer are being utilized is crucial for enhancing collaboration, engagement, and productivity across your organization. QueryNow’s Analytics Suite offers a comprehensive solution, transforming raw data into actionable insights that drive continuous improvement and strategic decision-making.

Key Features of Our Analytics Suite


KPI Dashboard

A customizable interface displaying key metrics at a glance, highlighting the success and adoption of your intranet and social platforms.


Internal Communication Analytics

Measure the reach and impact of your content, identifying opportunities to enhance internal communication strategies.


Apps Usage

Understand which intranet apps are garnering the most attention and how they contribute to your intranet's overall utility.


Social Analytics

Explore adoption rates of social features, identify the most active groups, trending topics, and gauge overall social engagement within your organization.


Sites Usage

Gain insights into the most frequented sites within different categories, revealing user preferences and content relevance.


Search Analytics

Evaluate the effectiveness of your intranet search, identifying the most searched for keywords and assessing whether users find what they’re looking for.

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Unlock the Power of Your Intranet and Viva Connect

Our Analytics Suite delves deep into user interactions, content reach, and the effectiveness of your internal communication strategies within SharePoint Intranet and Yammer, providing a clear picture of adoption, engagement, and areas for optimization.

Deep Dive into Usage and Engagement


Adoption Rates

Understand how widely your digital workplace tools are being adopted, both globally and at location-specific levels.

Content Engagement

Evaluate which stories and internal communications are capturing attention, driving readership and engagement across different departments.

Social Engagement

Analyze social activity scores, group interactions, trending topics, and device usage to tailor your social strategy to user needs.

Search Effectiveness

Review search query activity, identify commonly abandoned searches, and assess the utilization of site-specific searches to refine your content strategy.

Transform Your Digital Workplace with Actionable Insights


By harnessing the power of the Analytics Suite, your organization can not only track the performance of your SharePoint Intranet and Yammer networks but also unlock new pathways to enhance digital collaboration, streamline communication, and foster a more connected and engaged workplace culture.

Ready to Elevate Your Intranet and Yammer Experience?


Discover how QueryNow's Analytics Suite can revolutionize your understanding and management of digital workplace tools. Gain the insights needed to propel your organization forward in an increasingly digital world.

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