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Digi Vault: Your Next-Generation Digital Asset Management Solution


Elevating Digital Asset Management with Blockchain Integration

Digi Vault, a digital asset management platform that streamlines and secures your digital assets by leveraging blockchain technology to transform financial assets into digital formats, paving the way for unprecedented security, transparency, and efficiency in asset management.

Core Features


Blockchain-Enabled Security

By integrating with blockchain technology, Digi Vault offers an unmatched level of security and integrity for your digital assets, ensuring that every transaction and modification is immutable and traceable.

Advanced Document Management

Utilize sophisticated document management features including automatic versioning, secure file storage, and AI-driven content classification to maintain an organized and efficient digital repository.

Smart Contract Management

Automate and enforce agreements with smart contracts, making the management of digital rights, royalties, and transactions transparent and tamper-proof.

User Management & Access Control

Implement granular, role-based access controls and real-time notifications for document changes, ensuring that sensitive information remains secure while fostering collaboration.

Digitize your Financial Assets

Transform traditional financial assets into secure digital formats, facilitating easier management, instant transactions, and global accessibility without compromising security.

Customizable User interface

A highly intuitive and customizable user interface that caters to specific business needs, offering an engaging and efficient user experience for managing digital assets.

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Unleash the Potential of Digital Assets with Digi Vault

Digi Vault transcends traditional digital asset management by offering an integrated, blockchain-enabled platform designed for the future of digital transactions and asset management. It’s tailored for businesses seeking a robust infrastructure to manage a vast array of digital content, financial instruments, and proprietary data.

Why Choose Digi Vault?


Technical Excellence

Built on a modern microservices architecture, Digi Vault ensures scalability, reliability, and performance. Its hybrid database approach accommodates both structured and unstructured data, while RESTful APIs guarantee seamless integration with existing systems and platforms.

Future-Ready Platform

From e-signatures to sophisticated workflows and analytics, Digi Vault is designed for expansion, ensuring that as your business grows, your digital asset management capabilities scale with you.

Enhanced Collaboration and Productivity

By centralizing digital assets and employing smart automation, Digi Vault significantly reduces the time spent on asset management, allowing your team to focus on core business activities.

Transform Your Business with Digi Vault


Digi Vault by QueryNow isn’t just a platform; it’s a strategic partner in your digital transformation journey. Its integration of blockchain technology for digital asset management sets a new standard for security, efficiency, and innovation. Whether it’s safeguarding creative assets, managing proprietary data, or digitizing financial assets, Digi Vault empowers businesses to manage their digital resources effectively.

Ready to Revolutionize Your Asset Management?


Step into the future with Digi Vault and unlock a new realm of possibilities for digital asset management. Connect with us to learn how Digi Vault can transform your approach to managing digital and financial assets.

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