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Revolutionizing Business Processes with Cutting-Edge AI

QueryNow is at the forefront of AI revolution, offering a suite of AI solutions and services designed to streamline operations, enhance decision-making, and provide unprecedented insights. Our AI capabilities, including Azure Open AI, Microsoft Copilot services, and more, are tailored to meet the evolving needs of modern businesses.

Next-Generation AI Solutions

Chat-Driven Knowledge Base

Our solution transforms information access across all business functions, leveraging natural language processing (NLP) to provide conversational access to data. It’s designed to empower users, enhance productivity, and foster informed decision-making by seamlessly integrating with various departments, including HR, sales, and research.

Sentiment Analysis for Enhanced Feedback

Dive deeper into customer feedback and employee surveys with our sentiment analysis solution. By analyzing the emotional tone behind text-based feedback, businesses can proactively address concerns, inform product development, and refine customer service strategies.

AI-Powered Template Generation

Streamline document creation with AI-driven templates that automatically adapt to your business needs, ensuring brand consistency and boosting productivity by simplifying reporting and enhancing the presentation of business documents.

AI-Driven Sales Forecasting & Scenario Planning

Forecast future sales trends and market behaviors with unparalleled accuracy. Our solution enables strategic agility by allowing for the modeling of various 'what-if' scenarios, helping businesses anticipate challenges and seize opportunities.

Dynamic Dashboards with Natural Language

Ask questions in natural language and receive synthesized data overviews, including key metrics and trends. Our solution makes data analysis straightforward, providing instant dashboards tailored to specific inquiries and facilitating informed decisions.

Leveraging Azure AI, Microsoft Copilot, and Beyond

Azure Open AI & Security Integration

Harness the full potential of Azure Open AI to enhance your business's AI capabilities. Combined with the robust security measures of Azure Sentinel, Entra, Defender, and Intune, we ensure your AI implementations are not only powerful but also secure.

Microsoft Copilot Services

Transform how your team works with Microsoft Copilot, integrating AI-driven functionalities to automate tasks, generate content, and analyze data. From simplifying workflows to deriving insights, Copilot is your partner in productivity.

Security Copilot

Navigate the complexities of cybersecurity with AI at your side. Security Copilot offers AI-driven security operations, enhancing threat detection, analysis, and response capabilities, ensuring your business stays ahead of potential risks.

X Ray 3D Printer
Why Choose QueryNow for AI Solutions?

At QueryNow, we don’t just build AI solutions; we integrate AI into the fabric of your business operations, ensuring it aligns with your strategic goals and delivers tangible benefits. Our commitment to innovation, combined with our deep expertise in Microsoft technologies, positions us to be your ideal partner in navigating the AI landscape.

We invite you to explore how our AI solutions and services can transform your business processes, drive efficiency, and uncover insights that propel your business forward.

Ready to embark on a journey of AI-driven transformation?

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