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Security Services by QueryNow: Safeguarding Your Digital Horizon

QueryNow's comprehensive security services are meticulously crafted to protect your organization's digital assets, ensuring resilience against the ever-changing landscape of cyber threats. Our approach combines the cutting-edge capabilities of Azure security tools like Sentinel, Entra, Defender, Intune, and the innovative Security Copilot, offering a fortress of security solutions that safeguard every facet of your digital environment.

Our Security Services Framework

Azure Security Integration

Leverage the robust, scalable, and intelligent security features of Azure to protect your applications and data in the cloud. Our experts specialize in deploying Azure security protocols, ensuring your cloud infrastructure is impervious to threats and compliant with global standards.

Defender for End-to-End Defense

Utilize Azure Defender's integrated security solutions to protect your hybrid cloud workloads. From securing servers and databases to IoT devices, QueryNow deploys Defender to deliver advanced threat protection, anomaly detection, and security posture recommendations.

Sentinel for Advanced Threat Protection

Embrace the power of Azure Sentinel, the cloud-native SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) system that provides real-time threat detection, informed threat intelligence, and rapid incident response capabilities. QueryNow enhances your security posture by integrating Sentinel’s AI-driven insights for a proactive defense strategy.

Intune for Unified Endpoint Management

Secure and manage your organization's devices with Microsoft Intune. Our services extend to configuring policies for data protection and compliance, managing mobile applications, and ensuring that your remote workforce accesses corporate resources securely.

Entra for Identity and Access Management

Secure and manage identities across your digital estate with Azure Entra. We implement comprehensive identity and access management solutions, enabling precise control over who has access to what across your applications and services, thereby minimizing potential entry points for cyber threats.

Security Copilot for AI-Driven Security Operations

Harness the capabilities of Security Copilot, integrating AI-driven functionalities to automate security operations, from threat detection to analysis and response. QueryNow leverages Security Copilot to elevate your security team’s efficiency, allowing them to focus on strategic defense measures rather than routine tasks.

Data Processing
Secure Your Digital Future with QueryNow

In the digital age, a comprehensive security strategy is not a luxury—it's a necessity. With QueryNow's security services, you gain peace of mind knowing that your organization is protected by the most advanced security solutions available today. Let us help you build a resilient, secure digital environment that supports your business goals and defends against the cyber threats of tomorrow.

Contact us today to fortify your security posture with QueryNow’s unparalleled security services.

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